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Kseniya Sukhova is a Moscow-based hairstylist and colourist and one of the first people who have successfully mastered rainbow “Glitch” or “Prism” hair. Thin stripes of all colours of the rainbow are applied to the hair horizontally and the edges are slightly blended, which will result in a look that is not dissimilar to an oil slick on a street. The dyes she uses are UV reactive too, so her customers leave the salon with a new hairdo that catches everyone’s eyes in both day light, and black light.


How and when did you become a hair stylist? This is a long story, it all started when I was a kid and I would style my own hair and dye my mother’s hair, but I only realised I wanted to work with hair when I was 19 and while working as a flight attendant! At one point, I quit, dyed my hair blue, pierced my nose and went to study hairdressing! The first training really upset me because the information was obsolete and of poor quality. I took a break for a couple of years and started looking for information myself, on the Internet, in books, everywhere! So, when I was 24, I realised that healthy colourful hair was exactly what I wanted to do and nothing can stop me. Now, six years later, I know I made the right choice.

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How did you get the idea for this psychedelic rainbow “Glitch Hair”? The inspiration was window stickers from Rainbow Symphony! I saw the rainbow and thought, HOW could this be transferred to hair? And when I saw that a Russian stylist did a stripe on hair, I thought that I should probably do it my way, in rainbow colours and placement… and one day Glitch Hair was born.

What is your method for getting the dye to look like a zigzag pattern? Straight narrow stripes.

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Can you tell us about your Cosmos Hair Lab project? I wanted to make hair colourful and healthy, and my husband wanted a Spa salon. Back then we already knew the name of our space would be Cosmos. Because this is the main inspiration, and it’s in everything! Micro and macrocosm, stars, galaxies… and so much more! Now our team is growing and our idea is to treat hair not just as a service, but as a work of art. It is necessary to prepare the canvas properly, discuss all the details with the person and only then work! And yes, we are scientists of hair and can refuse to work if we understand that it will do harm. Treat other people’s hair the way you would want your hair to be treated. Peace, friendship, health, sparkles!


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