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Sep 23, 2020

People: Encadrer is the experimental studio carving out new and unexpected avenues for hair

Sep 21, 2020

Editorial: Imaginarium

Sep 16, 2020

Editorial: Kim Garduno uses ice to craft a dreamy landscape of chilled hairstyles

Sep 14, 2020

Editorial: This eco-friendly hair salon has found a creative way of dealing with their waste hair...

Sep 10, 2020

People: In Fesa Nu's personal project 'The Art of Hair', the Black woman is her muse and hair and makeup are her poetry

Sep 07, 2020

Editorial: The Mask We Live In

Sep 04, 2020

People: Hairy Stories is an anti-bullying platform highlighting a prevalent issue of abuse in the salon environment

Sep 02, 2020

People: Using hair, Parisian textile designer Antonin Mongin brings forgotten practices back to life

Aug 28, 2020

Art + Culture: Anouska Samms

Aug 26, 2020

Editorial: Stencilled

Aug 24, 2020

Editorial: Eda Jogo creates shapeful 'dos with a 90s twist

Aug 20, 2020

People: Kid Bronze