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Aug 07, 2020

Art + Culture: Not one for the faint-hearted, Matteo Ingrao’s experimental prosthetics veer between humour and horror

Aug 03, 2020

Art + Culture: Creative duo Synchrodogs explore the tantalising chasm between nature and artifice

Jul 31, 2020

Art + Culture: Huis+Hou+Ding

Jul 28, 2020

Art + Culture: Futuristic figures dominate Chad Knight’s surreal digital universe

Jul 22, 2020

Art + Culture: Textile designer and barber Fleur Magenta Scott documents her journey to self-acceptance while dealing with hair loss

Jul 13, 2020

Art + Culture: Artist Simon Schubert uses hair to strip his mysterious figures of human familiarity 

Jul 07, 2020

Art + Culture: Craig Gibson captures Mulletfest, a celebration of the polarising haircut

Jun 22, 2020

Art + Culture: The world’s most famous paintings are given a hirsute makeover by illustrator Murat Yildirim

Jun 17, 2020

Art + Culture: These images depict life inside the quarantine bubble

May 28, 2020

Art + Culture: Creativity in Captivity, Part 3. How are you staying inspired in quarantine?

May 14, 2020

Art + Culture: Hairstylist Mustafa Yanazs turns Renaissance paintings into modern day quarantine portraits

May 11, 2020

Art + Culture: Chika Ueno’s personal hair work is inspired by her emotions, thoughts, and objects that are filled with life