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XVVET is an exploration of the wet look through the three different disciplines that collaborate in the creation of this series. Inspired by the art of Rembrandt, Clara Aguayo, Nacho Sarube and Diego Campomar combine fashion, hair and photography to create a mythological scenario of a baroque under the sea. 

alta calidad–19_WEB
alta calidad–20_WEB
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alta calidad–7_WEB
alta calidad–6_WEB
alta calidad–5_WEB
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alta calidad–29_WEB
alta calidad–17_WEB
alta calidad–14_WEB
alta calidad–26_WEB
alta calidad–27_WEB
alta calidad–12_WEB

Photography Diego Campomar
Art Direction Clara Aguayo
Hair Nacho Sarube
Hair Assistant Valentina Amor
Makeup Inés Bonjour
Styling Clara Aguayo & Elder
Models Frederica Geriboni & Karin Galman at Montevideo Models, Antonia Montero

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