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In the mid 90s, John Rawson left a successful hairdressing career to pursue hair and beauty photography. Having been in the hair world since his teens, Rawson recalls the moment he decided it was time for a change, “I came to the decision that I didn’t want to cheat people. I had been so in love with hair, had such a passion for it and loved teaching, but suddenly I felt like I wasn’t in love with it anymore. I wanted to be in a studio, creating imagery.”

Alain Pereque @ Saco

He began assisting a photographer friend, working with him in his studio for months, before eventually drawing on his hairdressing contacts to take his tentative first steps into shooting hair. “A friend of mine who was a hairdresser said ‘well, will you do some pictures for us?’ and it got the front cover of the journal. It snowballed from there.”

Now an established industry photographer, Rawson has shot countless collections for clients including HOB, Saco, Errol Douglas, RUSH, Charlotte Mensah, Mark Hayes and Rainbow Room, securing over 30 winning collections at the British Hairdressing Awards. He spoke to INFRINGE Editor-in-Chief Anthony Mascolo about trading in his scissors for a camera, and how his experience in hairdressing informs his approach to shooting hair.

Charlie Brackney at Haus Salon 0021JR2NAHA3
Charlie Brackney @ Haus Salon
Charlie Brackney at Haus Salon 0079JR2
Charlie Brackney @ Haus Salon
DAVID_BARRON 15 0203Naha 16
David Barron @ Barron’s London  Salon
DAVID_BARRON 15 0231Naha 16
David Barron @ Barron’s London  Salon
Style: “Rawson01”
HOB Art Team
Sharon Peake & Adam Bryant @ Ethos
Charlotte Mensah
Style: “Neutral”
HOB Art Team  
Silas Tsang @ Blushes
Andy Heasman @ Rush
Gary Ingham

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Images John Rawson Website therawsonpartnership.net
Hair Aesthetics, David Barron, Charlie BrackneyAndy Heasman, HOB Art Team, Gary Ingham, Sharon Peake & Adam Bryant, Alain Pereque, Silas Tsang 
Video Antonio Celetto
Words Alex Mascolo

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