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Three-time winner of Colour Technician of the Year, Christel Lundqvist is one of the industry’s most influential colour specialists. The London-based colourist’s work can be seen on celebrities including Pink, Ellie Goulding and Pixie Lott, and on catwalks for Mark Fast, Sophia Webster and Manish Arora.

Hailing from Sweden, Lundqvist moved to London at 18 to join Toni & Guy, before relocating to Australia as a brand ambassador for Wella Professionals. Returning to the UK, the last four years have seen her making waves as Global Creative Technical Director for TIGI. In 2016, Lundqvist opened her first salon, Stil, in London’s Notting Hill. A Scandinavian-inspired haven, the salon focuses on tailor-made, polished creative colour. Lundqvist spoke to INFRINGE Editor-in-chief Anthony Mascolo about the experience of opening her first salon.

Stil campaign, 2016

You’ve opened your first salon, Stil, which has this real Scandinavian aesthetic. The time and effort you’ve put in is incredible, you’re really bringing your roots with you… Can you tell us about this journey?
Scandi-vibes! People always say that you should do something natural to you and that’s what I know, inside and out. I think we were very fortunate, because when we opened the salon, that sort of minimal Nordic style was a big trend. I always wanted it to be very minimal, a chic boutique setting with a very personal approach and experience for the client. The vision for the hair is very effortless, undone, Scandinavian… We do both classic and creative colour. The feedback we get from clients is that there’s definitely an opportunity for us to grow and focus on colour, as most salons focus on styling. I guess what we do is a bit more tailored, we’re very much high-end fashion inspired, whereas a lot of other colour salons are more street inspired.

Stil salon
“I always wanted it to be very minimal, a chic boutique setting with a very personal approach and experience for the client.”
Christel Lundqvist
Stil salon

The two campaigns you’ve done for Stil are really fresh and different. Can you tell us about them?
It was really important for us to create an image for the brand, that says it’s Scandinavian, minimal, fashion focused and very uncomplicated. So we decided to go for very simple and effective looks. The first shoot we did was a combination of different commercial looks, very wearable for the consumer and for our clients to relate to and ask for in the salon. We went for the Scandinavian blonde palettes – very clean and bright with a bit of textured movement. Very fashion focused but minimal colour.

For the second shoot we wanted to show a bit more colour, but again, we wanted to have that editorial feel because that’s really what our brand is. Beautiful, simple hair. So, we introduced a bit more colour in some of the looks. The neon trend has been in fashion so we also wanted to incorporate some elements of that into that shoot.

Stil campaign, 2016
Stil campaign, 2016
Stil campaign, 2017
Stil campaign, 2017

What are some of the most popular colours that you’re asked for by your clients?
The majority of our clientele is a little bit older, in their 40s and 50s, and they still want creative colour – but in a more sophisticated way. So, colours like soft rose, lavender or pearl blue are very popular. But the younger client wants the bright blues, pinks and greens.

Tell us about your colour predictions, what do you think is coming next?
That balayage trend which has been in fashion for so long is definitely moving away now. I think maybe we’ll see a return to the 80s: something really colourful, that almost artificial effect of hair.

Whose hair would you most like to colour?
Oh, that’s a difficult one… Anna Wintour would probably be one of them. She’s a good little fashionista!

Mark Fast AW13

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Stil Salon is at 2a Chepstow Road, London W2 5BH Website stil-salon.com

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