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Akos Bodi started his career in his native Hungary before moving to Dallas to pursue his dream of working for TONI & GUY. When Anthony Mascolo invited him to join the TIGI team, he moved to London where he is a core member of TIGI’s foundation, involved in all aspects from product development to education. He recently celebrated his 20th anniversary with the company.

TIGI Freestyle, 2004
kane_dioni3 054
TIGI Catwalk, 2010
Sleek_4 121
TIGI Catwalk, 2010
“Whether you call it work, a hobby or fun, what I do is the result of 25 years of progression and evolution.”
Akos Bodi
TIGI Alta Moda, 2008
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TIGI x Westwood, 2008
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TIGI x Westwood, 2008

How did you get into hairdressing?
I got pretty lucky, because I fell into a world where I loved being from day one. Hairdressing wasn’t a natural choice for me – my parents actually suggested it after my high school failures and I’ve never looked back.

What inspires you?
Besides the obvious things like fashion and youth, it’s when hair truly becomes part of the total image as an accessory that it strikes me the strongest. I’m inspired by the “Total Concept” and the bigger picture as well as teamwork.

What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of your profession?
Whether you call it work, a hobby or fun, what I do is the result of 25 years of progression and evolution. The most rewarding aspect for me is the diversity, as I deal with hair on many different levels. Together with a fantastic team, I get to create images, education, products and travel the world for shows and seminars that ultimately promote TIGI, the company I joined 20 years ago. Undoubtedly the most challenging part is having to accommodate a very busy schedule – logistics are rarely on our side.

TIGI Anthems, 2010
tg-recycle02 132
TIGI Recycled, 2009
tg-recycle02 020
TIGI Recycled, 2009

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt during your career?
I often see young hairdressers waiting and waiting for things to happen – you have to really chase it and grab it before someone else gets there. At the beginning of my career I was relentless yet invisible until the opportunity was presented to me. I knew that I had to be omnipresent but without annoying anybody and it worked…

What is your favourite era for hair?
The 90s. I feel this decade was the buffer between the 80s and the era we are living in now, not only in fashion and hair but other aspects like technology and lifestyle. Also, education in hair really took off on a massive scale during this time, giving young talent new opportunities and platforms.

Who is your hair icon?
Anthony Mascolo’s work captured my imagination at a young age. In my view, he and his wife Pat have got the balance of skill in all aspects of art and business in the hair industry. But above all he knows how to nurture people and bring the best out of them. That’s priceless.

Iris van Herpen, 2014

Interview Emma de Clercq
Images Anthony Mascolo, Kristin Vicari, Roberto Agui

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