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The Madrid-based photographer and art director Paloma Rincon was inspired when she noticed that trendy hair colours at the time were not dissimilar to those of desserts. Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate scoops of ice cream are replaced by neat balls of blonde, pink, and brown hair strands. Rincon uses elements of familiar objects and pairs them with the unexpected, while also cleverly juxtaposing the attraction to hair with the repulsion of hair in a humorous manner.

Sweet Style_01_StrawberryCupcackes
Strawberry Cupcakes
Sweet Style_05_ChocolateMousse
Chocolate Mousse
Sweet Style_03_TropicalStrawberryVanilla
Tropical Strawberry Vanilla
Sweet Style_StrawberryVanillaCaramel
Strawberry Vanilla Caramel
Sweet Style_ChocolateAfro
Sweet Style_04_Strawberry&Flower

Photographs Paloma Rincon

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