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As a child, Cyndia Harvey would spend most days after school in her mother’s hair salon. Jamaican born, Harvey moved to London at eleven years old, and the salon soon became something of a second home. “I still have a photographic memory of how the shop was laid out” she admits. She quickly found that she had a knack for hairdressing herself, “I remember being really obsessed with setting hair, and would time myself to see how quickly I could do a full head” she says. “I’m pretty sure I hold the unofficial record for the fastest time you can do a full head set”.

Image credit: Thomas Lohr (for Another Magazine)

Despite enjoying her subsequent Fine Art studies, Harvey quit to pursue hair after realising that she could see herself in it for the long haul. Now represented by Streeters, she has worked with iconic photographers including Tim Walker and Nick Knight, and her work has been featured in publications including Dazed, Interview and Vogue. Most recently, she worked on Calvin Klein’s game-changing campaigns shot by Tyrone Lebon and Harley Weir, featuring creatives including Kendrick Lamar, Grace Coddington, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Image credit: Tyrone Lebon (for Calvin Klein)

You worked on the recent Calvin Klein campaign shot by Tyrone Lebon. Can you tell us a bit about the hair? It was such a pleasure and a privilege to work for such an iconic brand on such an iconic campaign. For the most part the hair throughout the campaign was keeping with Calvin Klein’s minimal aesthetic, easy, sexy and cool. The campaign was a mix of street cast, models and musicians. Tyrone and I have collaborated on a number of different shoots and always bounce ideas back and forth between what the client wants, what we think will work and what will actually work. We always achieve great results in the end!

What is your current favourite hair trend? I have to say I’m loving the buzz cut. Which might sound odd because if everyone ends up getting a buzz cut surely I’ll be out of a job! When I was eighteen I sported one for about two years and I’m seriously considering going back!

Image credit: Ben Toms (for Dazed Magazine)

Most unlikely source of inspiration? Daydreaming and dreams. The inspiration for some of the greatest scientific discoveries. Inspiration doesn’t always present in a tangible form.

What does your own hair mean to you? Over the years I’ve had so many different looks, my favourite being the buzz cut. I wouldn’t say I have a strong emotional attachment to my hair, I’ll try anything once. I guess freedom of expression is what my hair means to me.

Hair icon? Prince.

Sum up your relationship with hair in 3 words. Sum up your relationship with hair in 3 words.

Image credit: Tim Walker (for Vogue Italia)
Image credit: Tim Walker (for Vogue Italia)
Image credit: Amanda Charchian (for Garage Magazine)

Cyndia Harvey is represented by Streeters

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