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INFRINGE recently visited Tokyo, Japan where Aris Akritidis conceptualised and shot this editorial story together with colourists Makoto Iwaya and Shota Akaoka and hair stylists Hide Saiga and Masanobu Nakamura from the Toni&Guy Japan creative team. Below they walk us through their techniques.


Inspiration: City buildings

Technique: This technique is made by classic continual highlights which have around 150-200 foils. I always use this technique for bleach touch ups with Japanese hair, because it’s very tough to get brighter and takes a long time to develop. This technique is also necessary when carefully applying a boarder between the natural and the bleached hair.


Inspiration: Rainbows and her tattoos

Technique: I used five different pastel shades as the main pallet, and then mixed them to create seven shades forming a vertical rainbow. I also used a darker shade which creates a shadow in the roots, like a dark night as a contrast to the rainbow. Generally, it’s not possible to achieve a creative look without the basic skills – so never skip the basics!


Inspiration: Zen Garden

Technique: I used a comb to apply the colouring agent so that it’s not applied directly to the scalp. Then I combed along the hair flow to confirm that the colour is applied evenly.


Inspiration: Umbrella

Technique: Foil aids the bleaching process by lifting the hair tone more smoothly. It might be quite extensive in effort but I believe in order to get a beautiful lift there mustn’t be any compromises. This time it ended up looking like an umbrella.


Photography + Concept Aris Akritidis
Colour Makoto IwayaShota Akaoka
Hair Hide Saiga, Masanobu Nakamura
Make up Miho Hamaya
Models Chihiro Ishida, Eri Ogomori, Akane Watanabe, Souu

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