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“I think what’s cool about street art is its accessibility - it excites people who don’t necessarily know anything about art.”
Elle StreetArt

What first drew you to street art?
Street art is a really enticing way to create and present art work. I was first drawn to it was because it was all over the walls in New York city and at that time I was pretty disillusioned by the art world and gallery world and not really seeing anything that was inspiring to me. When I saw art in the street I thought, ‘man this is such a gift, why would you leave this on the street for me to find’? I had to partake and immediately became obsessed with it. I started out doing wheat pasting, then eventually got into graffiti and mural painting. Bombing is obviously the most thrilling thing – the speed, climbing, jumping and running – but it’s also really cool to be able to sit and work on a piece until it’s exactly what you want it to be. On murals you can sit and legally work on it so you get to develop your skills. Every time I work on one I feel like I’m improving and I’m learning something which is cool.

You have combined a number of images from INFRINGE to create this mural, what drew you to these particular images?
I was particularly drawn to these images because of the colour of the hair or the skin tone… I really like to incorporate different races, I think it’s so important to represent all people. I tend to only paint females but chose these images based on the hug


You’ve collaborated on so many diverse projects. Why do you think street art manages to transcend different creative platforms?
I think what’s cool about street art is its accessibility – it excites people who don’t necessarily know anything about art. Even if people don’t feel comfortable walking into a gallery they get excited about artwork made on the street, they ask questions, get involved and sometimes even want to figure out how they can be painted.

What’s in store for the future?
Ha I can’t tell you all my secrets! I’ll be continuing to travel and paint, also I’m working on a solo show right now so hopefully in the next year that will be presentable and ready to go!


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Images & Video Aris Akritidis Website arisakritidis.com
Interview and Timelapse Panos Damaskinidis Website panos-d.com
Special Thanks Elle StreetArt Website ellestreetart.com

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