Using materials such as hair, fabric, metal and wood, Nina Lola Bachhuber carefully constructs surreal scenes which explore themes of fetish, loss and mortality. The Munich-born artist works with sculpture, drawing and installation, to create strange, uncanny pieces often focused on the body, both human and animal.

Los curas y sus pajes, 2010 (detail)
Los curas y sus pajes, 2010 (detail)

Describing her choice of materials and colours as ways to “evoke fetish associations and surrealist qualities”, hair is a recurring medium. Often used in conjunction with bones and animal skin, her sculptures bring to mind ritualistic objects, such as sacred totems or idols used for sinister voodoo. The use of certain colours further suggest these ritualistic connotations, with recurring flashes of blood red, pink and purple (a colour which, due to its rarity in nature, has come to be associated with the supernatural, spirituality, and mourning).

Bankett, 2014

In contrast, Bachhuber’s use of geometric motifs and a predominantly monochrome colour palette, offers a different perspective through its modern, minimal aesthetic. The effect is powerful in its complete contradiction to the primal wildness suggested in her sculptures, seeming to displace these mysterious creatures from their otherworldly realm.

Untitled, 2011 (detail)
Untitled, 2011
senilita senilita-frontal
Senilità, 2013
Lepidoptera, 2013
Lepidoptera, 2013
Ofrenda, 2013
Untitled, 2008
“The use of material and colour evokes fetish associations and surrealist qualities, crossing over into the realm of the uncanny”
Nina Lola Bachhuber
Untitled, 2011

Text Emma de Clercq
Special Thanks Nina Lola Bachhuber

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