Created by Danish artist Nina Beier, this untitled series consists of different wigs pressed behind glass onto muted, pink backgrounds. Like a pinned insect or pressed flower, the human hair wigs, once alive, are transformed into inanimate objects to be examined and archived.

Nina Beier-1
Curly maroon fade pixie, 2016
Nina Beier-2
Choppy layers blunt bang, 2016
Nina Beier-5
Short Crop Swoopy Bangs, 2015
"The slowly grown hair has been flattened and processed for eternity, and marks the definitive end of a hairstyle, a period and a mood. There is something callous about human-hair harvesting, reminiscent of the cruel social asymmetries, when impoverished peasant women would sell their braids to wig manufactures, but female hair, particular when golden, linking wealth with sexuality - has long been a western obsession."
Nina Beier, Laura Bartlett Gallery
Nina Beier-6
Long Waves-to-Frizz Tousle, 2015
Nina Beier-4
Layered Side-Swept Ombre, 2015
Nina Beier-7
Slender Slice Blonde Bob, 2015

Images Nina Beier, courtesy the Artist and Laura Bartlett Gallery Website
Words Emma de Clercq, Laura Bartlett Gallery

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