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In an attempt to spice up the stagnant salon experience, owner Stephàn Vi teamed up with Frank Lunette and created Glitch, a concept space hair salon. Located in Bristol, Glitch is the only space in the world where you can get your hair done, and consume their everchanging art exhibition, all the while enjoying some in-house Italian food prepared by Grano Kitchen, with live music accompanying every bite, gaze and cut. If that still isn’t enough stimuli, the space is also brimming with all kinds of house plants, which you can take home or simply appreciate on-site for the jungle vibe.

“The salon is dead; a new future has arrived.”
Stephan Vi

After starting his career in 2002 in Florence, Vi’s hairdressing skills took him all over Italy, and allowed him to open two salons of his own. Always looking for something new to master, he moved to London in 2010, where he started to work as a session stylist in fashion and music. Being in the metropolis was a turning point for Vi, he explains: “When I moved to London for the first time, the city completely changed my vision of salons and I started thinking about the “concept salon”. After gaining inspiration, he went back to Italy and opened the “beta version” of Glitch, a hair salon with a tattoo shop. At the opening party he met Frank Lunette; then, a DJ with a background in art and design, now, the Creative Director of Glitch.


The space itself uses light wooden textures and metallic touches that go well with the soft green leaves of the many plants suspended from the ceiling. “Our interior inspiration derived from industrial and Scandinavian design,” Vi says, “We created a juxtaposition between these elements that we like to call ‘Fashion Punk’”.

Vi and Lunette came from different backgrounds but merged organically and seamlessly into a collaborative effort that sought to combine different arts and media. They’re proud to say that everything is done in-house; sound engineering, art installations – even the furniture is DYI. But it’s thanks to Bristol that Vi felt it was even possible to take on such a project: “Bristol is a very creative city, from an amazing music to the incredible art culture, this has allowed us to push the boundaries of what a salon can be”.

Glitch has now been opened since June of last year, and is inherently an oasis for every one of your senses. “The space flows nicely, people are eating and listening to music while having their hair done and there’s plants everywhere!” 


Glitch Bristol is at 48-49 Old Market St, Bristol BS2 0EX Website glitchbristol.com

Words Katharina Lina
Photography Weronika Karczewska, Claudio Chiavacci, Daniele Chirico, Chealsey Cliff


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