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Change is the challenge, acceptable is the gift

This is the root of fearlessness 

At its core



Fearless // Reckless dramatises the act of the haircut. Surrendering the crown of your head into the hands of another. A collaboration between Anthony and Pat Mascolo and performance artist Bre Lembitz, the short film explores the submission, trust and transformation at the core of this experience. Seated in a barber chair, Bre narrates the cut in her own words, which are scrawled roughly across her body.

The cut becomes an act of theatre, clippers roaring by in dramatic fashion. Captured by cinematographer Brendan McGinty, the scene is shown in near darkness. The heavy contrast of the black and white palette highlights the uncompromising, frenetic energy of the cut, the brutal make-up and the words etched across her body by Pat Mascolo. Throughout it all she remains undaunted, composed, defiant… She is not the passive object of this ceremony. She is fearless.

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Director Anthony Mascolo
Hair Anthony Mascolo
Make-up Pat Mascolo
Cinematographer Brendan McGinty
Camera Panos Damaskinidis
Editing Paul Gardner
Model Bre Lembitz
Assistant Camera Daniel DiMartino
Hair Assistant Josh Mascolo
BTS Camera Aris Akritidis
BTS Editing Aris Akritidis

Special thanks to 16oz 

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