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This editorial story is based on the world-famous Fabergé eggs made by the Russian goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé. The first Fabergé egg, commissioned by the Russian Tsar Alexander III for his wife, opened up to reveal a series of gold objects and art jewellery. Delighted by the skilled craftsmanship and the charming element of surprise, Fabergé was appointed “Goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown” and the eggs rose to fame. Each egg was more embellished and intricately designed than the previous, and his work continued being commissioned by the Russian Court as well as international private clients.

Marina Roy and her team used the Fabergé eggs as inspiration in an attempt to echo some of the decorative patterns. Imagining the model’s head was the egg, Roy used different textures and techniques to create a unique shell made of hair for each model.

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Сессия без названия8457_WEB
Сессия без названия9638_WEB
Сессия без названия10052_WEB
Сессия без названия9954_WEB
Сессия без названия9286_WEB
Сессия без названия8903_WEB
Сессия без названия8516_WEB
Сессия без названия8723_WEB
Сессия без названия7974_WEB
Сессия без названия7939_WEB
Сессия без названия9440_WEB
Сессия без названия9484_WEB

Photography  Albert Plehov
Art Director Marina Roy
Hair team: Ilya Kharitonov, Anastasia Lepikhova, Elvira Akhmetshina, Anastasia Belkina, Zoya Fedorovna, Oleg Baryshnikov, Julia Bessarabova, Artem Shteizel
Models Anastasia Kirikova, Amina

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