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Cult Hair Modou
“Kriss Kross is a very influential part of my hair and my general style”
Modou Adams, 17, Photography Student
Cult Hair Mo
Cult Hair Mo Adams
Cult Hair Modou Adams

Name: Modou Adams Age: 17 Occupation: Photography Student I would describe my hair style as: Eccentric What my hair means to me: My hair is the world to me, it is the finishing touch of the finishing touches My hair icon is: Kriss Kross is a very influential part of my hair and my general style The style I’ve always wanted but never had: I’ve always wanted a man bun but never got around to it My favorite era for hair is: The 90s- There were some real funky hair styles back then.

Cult Hair Mo Adams

Photography Panos Damaskinidis
Art Direction Emma de Clercq

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