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Daisy Cult Hair

Name: Maisy Allen Age: 19 I would describe my hair style as: Ridiculous! Punk-esque, androgynous What my hair means to me: For me it’s about expressing my queerness and my gender. It’s about letting go of all the years of having to keep up with the long straight hair styles, like the girls at school My hair icon is: My ex-flat mates. I’m usually inspired by friends and creatives in my life that I get to see every day The style I’ve always wanted but never had: A mullet! My favourite era for hair is: Right now I think! I love how many bald girls I’m seeing out and about at the moment, and how people are feeling more free to experiment I get my hair done at: Bleach London recently, but for years I’ve cut and styled it myself.

Cult Hair Maisy back
Cult Hair Maisy closeup
Cult Hair Maisy side portrait
Cult Hair Maisy

Photography Panos Damaskinidis
Art Direction Emma de Clercq

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