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Name: Kat Hanratty Age: 22 Occupation: photographer, cook A description of my current hairstyle is: A collection of clown faces that all merge and interconnect, with clashing vibrant dye and two horns on top My current hairstyle was inspired by: the creative vision of Tuttii and Toni at Tuttii Fruittii, with themes of chaos and connectivity My hair is a way for me to: explore my queerness. I’m pretty shy and introverted but my hair is vibrant and helps me to build connections with the people I meet or simply pass in the street The style I’ve always wanted but never had: I kinda want a firey mullet with the horns still In the past, my hair has been: The only other dye I’ve had was Tiger print, before that it was buzzed short at 21 years old. I used to have wild curly hair before I decided to buzz it all off I get my hair done at: The incredible Tuttii Fruittii in Deptford! My hair icon is:  Honestly, I don’t have one, I tend to dream up these ideas and just go for it


Photography & Art Direction Panos Damaskinidis

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