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Name: Julie Verhoeven Age: 50 Occupation: Artist How often do you change your hair? Every 10 weeks When was the last time you had hair that wasn’t fun, bright and unconventional? Life pre-John Vial and Tracy Hayes, late thirties Do you have any fond hair-related childhood memories? Poncho over the head pretending I had long lush locks and swinging them around in the front garden for attention (I had a severe mum’s basin cut) Walks us through the process with John and Tracy – do you come to them with the idea in mind, or do you let them improvise on you? It’s very much a group improvisation on the day with John at the helm; it feels quite exciting and daring, because despite having initial references, it always takes a turn off-piste in transit If you had to choose one hairstyle to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be? Yellow Afro


Photography & Art Direction Panos Damaskinidis
Hair John Vial & Tracy Hayes
Special Thanks Julie Verhoeven

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