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Name: Freyja Newsome Age: 21 Occupation: Artist A description of my current hairstyle is: I don’t know, ask the magpies that live in there My current hairstyle was inspired by: Me being terrified of flat hair My hair is a way for me to: *Express Yourself by Charles Wright plays softly in the background* The style I’ve always wanted but never had: I always really wanted crotch length black hair with those white streaks at the front, we don’t do flat hair though, so In the past, my hair has been: Short and crispy from years of abuse but she’s on the mend now. My hair icon is: There’s a few, Bill Kaulitz, AmbrehhhIsDead gets an honourable mention, and that woman who is the Grim Reaper’s daughter in Hogfather I get my hair done at: Sassoon in Leeds West Yorkshire by my amazing colourist and friend Becci Sweeney!


Photography & Art Direction Panos Damaskinidis

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