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The sculpture was designed by Anthony and Pat Mascolo, inspired by a hanging installation of vintage perfume bottles discovered in a design magazine.

The tools included are suspended from an 8ft customised circular steel frame and include iconic pieces from the 1920s to present day, such as 1950s Bakelite hairdryers and Burman clippers, brushes, afro combs, antique curling irons, down to individual bobbie pins. Sourced from all over the world over the course of three months, the items are individually suspended from the frame using thin copper wires. A jagged patchwork of colours and shapes, the piece is a chaotic and riotous love letter to the history of hairdressing.

Chandelier hair sculpture
Chandelier piece
Hair tools chandelier
chandelier close up
Aerial view chandelier

 Building the Chandelier

Chandelier hair combs
Chandelier Aclipper
Chandelier rollers
Chandelier work In progress
Chandelier hair rollers
Chandelier hair clippers
chandelier black rollers
chandelier stage 1
chandelier hanging tools
chandelier court royal curlers

See the individual tools photographed by Georgina Mascolo here
Concept & Direction
Anthony & Pat Mascolo
Fabrication Emma de Clercq & Chris Fernandes
Photography Georgina Mascolo & Emma de Clercq

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