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Growing up in Glasgow, a chance meeting with session stylist Thomas McKiver inspired his move to London. There, he started assisting Thomas on fashion shows, working alongside hairdressers including Martin Cullen and Eugene Souleiman.

Allan Hogg- Ronnie Wood
Image credit: Ben Cook

Following a stint at Sanrizz in 1985, Hogg began working at TONI & GUY, where he met Anthony Mascolo. For the past thirty years the two have collaborated on a number of projects; he owned one of the first franchises of TONI & GUY, won Southern Hairdresser of the Year in 1995 and now oversees the team here at INFRINGE. We spoke to him about why music has, and always will be, his biggest inspiration.

Allan Hogg- Ronnie Wood and Jesse Wood
Image credit:  Ben Cook | Panos Damaskinidis (for INFRINGE)

How did you get into hairdressing? Hairdressing wasn’t always the plan – I actually started out studying music in Glasgow. After that the plan was to join the Marines. My brother was in the Royal Navy, my mum really wanted us to be in the forces because it was considered a good secure job.

When I was about fifteen my mum started taking me to the local salon to have my hair cut, and I really enjoyed it there. I loved the creativity, the style and swagger of it all. One day she saw that they had a job going and the rest is history.

Allan Hogg- Jesse Wood
Image credit: Panos Damaskinidis (for INFRINGE)

What inspires you? Street fashion and music. Hair is such a vital part of expressing your identity in music. Each genre has a distinctive look associated with it: rock and roll, punks, new romantics, mods…

In a way I was always more involved in the music world than in the hair world. I ran in the same circles as Super Furry Animals, Supergrass, The Rolling Stones, The Who… I was a bit mad back then to be quite honest! I started doing Ronnie (Wood)’s hair, hanging out with him and Keith – in fact, I still do his son Jesse’s hair to this day. Ronnie’s hair never changed. He’d always have the long back, wispy sides and spiky top. He wouldn’t let anyone else cut it except me, so if I didn’t see him for a while he’d try to cut it himself and end up messing it up!

I also really love working with afro hair. Growing up in Scotland, I was heavily influenced by artists like Pete Tosh and Bob Marley. My wife is Jamaican so we spend a lot of time there – I love everything about the culture.

Allan Hogg 2x Rock
Image credit: Anthony Mascolo and Ben Cook (for TIGI)
“Hair is such an important part of expressing your identity in music. Each genre has a distinctive look associated with it”
Allan Hogg
Allan Hogg Rock
Image credit: Anthony Mascolo and Ben Cook (for TIGI)

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt in your career? Never stop learning. There will always be someone out there who knows more than you.

Who are your hair icons? Thomas McKiver and Eugene Souleiman. Their creativity is endless when it comes to hair. And on the music side, it has to be Paul Weller. I love the way he has reinvented himself time and time again. And throughout it all his hair has always looked immaculate.


Interview Anthony Mascolo
Images Ben Cook, Panos Damaskinidis, Anthony Mascolo
Special Thanks Allan Hogg

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