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After capturing Britain’s best beards a few years ago, we decided to travel to Antwerp this year to take a look at the 2019 World Beard and Moustache Championships. There were familiar beards, and new ones, humble natural moustaches, but also extravagant and acrobatic beards. The event brings facial hair aficionados together under one roof where their shared passion for growing, grooming, and styling is celebrated and commended.

A certain ambitious energy was apparent in the incredible beard structures, or some of the more elaborate costumes. Having said that, the event’s atmosphere was warm and merry – not at all cutthroat competitive. Although winning a category would have been appealing to anyone, a very real gratification came from being on location among their community; drinking and socialising together with people that travelled from different corners of the world for their mutual love for facial hair was a prize in itself.

Some categories permitted styling aids, while others had to be completely au naturel. Across three main categories – moustache, partial beard, and full beard – there were seventeen subdivisions, which varied from the slender English moustache to a full bearded freestyle. Take a look at our selection from this year’s world championship here.

01_2019_beard_and_mustache0048 copy_WEB
02_2019_beard_and_mustache0010 copy_WEB
03_2019_beard_and_mustache0079 copy_WEB
04_2019_beard_and_mustache0077 copy_WEB
05_2019_beard_and_mustache0044 copy_WEB
06_2019_beard_and_mustache0034 copy_WEB
07_2019_beard_and_mustache0108 copy_WEB
08_2019_beard_and_mustache0052 copy_WEB
09_2019_beard_and_mustache0058 copy_WEB
10_2019_beard_and_mustache0011 copy_WEB
11_2019_beard_and_mustache0036 copy_WEB
12_2019_beard_and_mustache0070 copy_WEB
13_2019_beard_and_mustache0037 copy_WEB
14_2019_beard_and_mustache0027 copy_WEB
15_2019_beard_and_mustache0061 copy_WEB
16_2019_beard_and_mustache0090 copy_WEB
17_2019_beard_and_mustache0087 copy_WEB
18_2019_beard_and_mustache0089 copy_WEB
19_2019_beard_and_mustache0081 copy_WEB
20_2019_beard_and_mustache0054 copy_WEB
21_2019_beard_and_mustache0085 copy_WEB
22_2019_beard_and_mustache0117 copy_WEB
23_2019_beard_and_mustache0062 copy_WEB
24_2019_beard_and_mustache0055 copy_WEB
28_2019_beard_and_mustache0042 copy_WEB
29_2019_beard_and_mustache0031 copy_WEB
27_2019_beard_and_mustache0071 copy_WEB
30_2019_beard_and_mustache0059 copy_WEB
31_2019_beard_and_mustache0116 copy_WEB
32_2019_beard_and_mustache0039 copy_WEB
33_2019_beard_and_mustache0120 copy_WEB

Photography Aris Akritidis
Words Katharina Lina

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