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Vidal Sassoon was someone I always aspired to; for me he was a complete icon.

I first met him in London, when I became president of the Alternative Hair Show in 2004. It was my job to look after to him, like a minder, and we just clicked straight away. Seven years later, I photographed Vidal for Behind The Chair, at a shoot organised by its founder Mary Rector. He was in his 80s at this point, but still fully immersed in the world of hairdressing. He was giving a lecture in Chicago, so I joined him there for the shoot. It was brilliant, and we had a lot of fun. Pat was with me most the time, and they got on like a house on fire; he would call her Patsy. He just looked so cool and immaculate; it was a great experience.

In the 60s and early 70s, when Vidal was at the height of his career, I wasn’t even a hairdresser yet, but I certainly knew of him. My brother Bruno loved him – the whole world loved him. He revolutionised hairdressing, he brought in precision cutting, the geometric cuts… he completely changed the world of hair.

Vidal Sassoon and Anthony Mascolo
Vidal Sassoon mirror image
Vidal Sassoon mirror image
Vidal Sassoon portrait
Vidal Sassoon pointing
Vidal Sassoon leather
Vidal Sassoon for Infringe mag
Vidal Sassoon collage

Text Anthony Mascolo
Photography Anthony Mascolo for Behind The Chair
Special Thanks Mary Rector at Behind the Chair

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