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T H E U N S E E N is a chemical innovation studio founded by material alchemist Lauren Bowker, with the objective of exposing the hidden matters that surround us. Past magical innovation projects include a T-shirt, which when coming into contact with contaminated water changes its colour from alkaline green to acidic red based on the level of pollution it detects; and a makeup range including a freckle serum that reacts to UV rays and an invisible blush that adjusts to the wearer’s skin and becomes brightly visible when the wearer blushes naturally.


The last time T H E U N S E E N released a hair dye, we watched in amazement as black hair turned bright red within seconds as it came into contact with hot air. Now, the innovation studio has invented V E N U S, an astral hair dye inspired by the reflective atmospheres surrounding Venus, which can only be seen through a lens. Formulated with millions of reflective particles the dye reveals dramatic colours and shine, but only when the hair is viewed through a lens and exposed to light.

“Inspired by perception, I wanted to explore the idea of a colour that exists invisibly in the unseen but can be made visible through the lens”, explained founder Lauren Bowker. In an era of filters and augmented reality where everything we see is digitally altered, Bowker took it a step further and created something completely invisible to the eye that only starts to exist behind a camera lens.

Unseen_Reflective_Hair_0071 f3_lines_WEB

Photography & Video James Stopforth
Sound 19 Sound
Styling Richard Ashforth
Venus Hair Dye T H E U N S E E N

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