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INFRINGE Published on 13/04/2018
The salon was founded by Tracey Cahoon, the hairstylist behind Amy Winehouse’s iconic beehive
Places Published on 20/03/2018
Our favourite hair of the season by Alex Brownsell, Gary Gill, Cyndia Harvey, Soichi Inagaki, Maria Kovacs, Tina Outen and Anthony Turner
Places Published on 21/02/2018
Restored in 2013, the independent salon’s bespoke design makes reference to the city’s industrial past
Places Published on 18/01/2018
INFRINGE goes backstage at London’s Royal Albert Hall to document this year's ‘Utopia’ themed hair creations
Places Published on 17/10/2017
INFRINGE captures Redhead Days, an annual gathering of thousands of redheads in the Dutch city of Breda
Art & Culture, Places Published on 07/09/2017
Astor Place’s clientele, which includes Robert De Niro and Bruce Willis, come from all over the city to enjoy the renowned barbershop’s lively, no-fuss atmosphere
Places Published on 12/01/2017
There’s more to this New York barbershop than meets the eye
Places Published on 27/10/2016
They have created wigs for films including Mission Impossible, Gosford Park and Alice in Wonderland
Places Published on 19/05/2016
Run by Tomohiro Watanobe, The Barba Tokyo delivers sharp cuts with a heavy dose of swagger
Places Published on 02/03/2018
Through hairdressing, the Dagenham salon aims to reintegrate vulnerable women back into the community
Places Published on 09/02/2018
As well as a hairdressing salon, this unique space hosts a changing programme of up-and-coming Dutch artists and designers
Places Published on 12/12/2017
The London-based designer’s opulent collection merged gothic glamour with hardcore punk
Places Published on 21/09/2017
INFRINGE documents the technicolour hairstyles dominating London’s yearly Pride celebration
Art & Culture, Places Published on 10/07/2017
Transformation and self-expression through colour is at the centre of the philosophy of their salon, Tuttii Fruittii LONDON The LadyBoi KLOWN Hairsculptors
Places Published on 05/04/2017
"There's nothing worse than a conservative salon, it's like a prison" - Mudhoney
Places Published on 06/09/2016
Removing art from the confines of the traditional gallery space and into the more social, everyday setting of a hair salon
Places Published on 24/03/2016
Through its classic influences, Thy Barber clearly aligns itself with the new breed of barbershops leading the resurgence in traditional men’s grooming
Places Published on 11/04/2018
Founded by Benjamin Mohapi, this eclectic salon is favoured by celebrities including Courteney Cox and St Vincent
Places Published on 23/02/2018
The salon’s ornate interior is modelled on a traditional Dutch dollhouse
Places Published on 01/02/2018
Led by renowned hairstylist Hester Wernert-Rijn, this boutique salon and school combines a raw industrial aesthetic with eclectic design details
Places Published on 07/11/2017
Our favourite catwalk hair this season by Duffy, Cyndia Harvey, Syd Hayes, Stephen Low, Mari Ohashi, Tina Outen, Anthony Turner and Bea Watson
Places Published on 21/09/2017
Based on London’s Brick Lane, Not Another Salon is a technicolour haven for anyone craving striking colours, done simply
Places Published on 27/06/2017
Our favourite catwalk hair this season, created by session stylists Duffy, Gary Gill, Tina Outen and Cyndia Harvey
Places Published on 22/02/2017
Denny Moe talks health, happiness and why his barbershop is striving to achieve both for his community
Places Published on 06/07/2016
“One should always have an open mind, try and innovate yourself” - Glen Zele Brown
Places Published on 31/01/2016

Pride in London

INFRINGE documents the technicolour hairstyles dominating London’s yearly Pride celebration

Seeing Red

INFRINGE captures Redhead Days, an annual gathering of thousands of redheads in the Dutch city of Breda


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