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Through her photo series A Statement of Pride, artist Favour Jonathan uses her personal hair journey to address universal themes around black hair and identity. Captured over a two year period while studying at Central Saint Martins in London, the series consists of over a hundred passport pictures which depict the versatility of afro hair through Jonathan’s various experimentations with her own style. 

Jonathan explains that she started the project as a way of responding to “the constant policing of black people’s hair in society. From not being able to get certain jobs because of our hair, children getting sent home because their hair is too distracting or doesn’t “fit” the standard, bugging questions we encounter and the lack of understanding of what the Afro is to us culturally, as well as the everlasting general talk of afro hair not being ‘Good Hair’.”

“Our hair is a bond with culture and identity and should not be a factor for judgement or insecurity”

Favour Jonathan

Images Favour Jonathan
Words Emma de Clercq 

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