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Neon colours are back! They have not been this popular in mainstream culture since the 80s. Over the last year, colour trends, which have been documented well in the product pages of fast fashion retailers, went from neon orange to neon lime-green. You can buy transparent neon heels to match your neon bag, and then match that to your neon cycling romper, or even a power suit, and KAPOW, an Instagram baddie is born. High-end fashion seems to have caught up with the masses, as recent fashion week headlines were all about neon – particularly neon green. Now, neon green hair isn’t a new concept; we saw it last year on Nicki Minaj in her video Barbie Dreams, Avril Lavigne sported slime-tinted highlights in her 2011 music video Smile, and let’s not forget the original queen Lil Kim in her 1996 single Crush On You.

While scrolling through various hashtags and hairdresser accounts on Instagram, a few things spring to mind when it comes to hair colours: 1. Balayage continues as a sought-after colour treatment, 2. Everyone seems to be obsessed with the black / brunette hair and blonde block streaks in the front framing the face, and 3. Neon lime-green hair is popping up everywhere, but instead of full heads, people are now using the colour for details, in forms of dyed tips, roots, and peekaboo strands. Here is a selection of our current favourite neon lime hair details.

A hidden strand of neon green as refreshing as cold lemonade on a summer’s day, coloured by Toria “Tor” Stewart 

Neon lime roots that seamlessly blend into an icy white bob, created by Angela Serino

A platinum custom closure bob unit made by Luu Does It, with a green dip dye so vibrant it’s reminiscent of Woodruff jello from your childhood

Warning – toxic nuclear waste! colour scheme by Georgia Blue Bassett

Another Georgia Blue Bassett creation, a lime green peekaboo strand underneath a head of metallic rose hair

And for the grand finale, a mid length black bob hiding a neon green surprise, by Bradley Thomas Cahill

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