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Laurie Black Portrait

Name: Laurie Black Age: 22 Occupation: Cabaret performer and musician I would describe my hair style as: Cruella de Vil meets Bettie Page What my hair means to me: Everything! My hair is my brand- I play piano, so it matches… Piano + forte. Yin + Yang My hair icon is: NOT SIA! The style I’ve always wanted but never had: Deathhawk – just more shaved on the sides My favourite era for hair is: The 1920s – pin curls forever! I get my hair done at: Pepi’s in Camden and Doppelganger Hair in Newtown, Sydney.

Laurie Black
“I recently visited Australia and found that in the sun, one side of my head would get a lot hotter than the other!”
Laurie Black, 22, Cabaret performer and musician
Laurie Black

Photography Panos Damaskinidis
Art Direction Emma de Clercq

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