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Last week, ASOS unveiled its first beauty line with the new campaign Go Play. Featuring cis and non-binary models of different sizes and ethnicities, no two looks are the same, emphasising that there are no guidelines or limitations when it comes to expressing your individuality. We caught up with Mark Francome Painter, the session stylist behind the campaign’s vivid and diverse hairstyles.

“The concept for the shoot was to challenge people’s ideas and aesthetics of beauty and blur the line between masculine and feminine ideals.”
Mark Francome Painter

What was the hair inspiration behind the Go Play campaign?
The concept for the shoot was to challenge people’s ideas and aesthetics of beauty and blur the line between masculine and feminine ideals. The producers wanted to treat each one of the models individually and come up with 3 to 6 looks for each person. Make-up artist Daniel Sallstrom and I discussed how we would approach each model, agreeing on a ‘natural’, ‘avant-garde’ and ‘androgynous’ look for each person.


Tell us about your process when styling hair on a shoot?
I’m a big believer that preparation is key as I need to fully understand how I’m going to complete each look. When I work with large groups like this, I take a more technical approach as good timing is essential for the shoot to run smoothly. Another important factor here is that as it’s a beauty shoot, all the focus is on the model’s face and hair – so the hair has to be perfect. For any particularly technical or experimental looks, such as Jazzelle’s gold leaf hair, (above) I might go over them on a head block before the shoot.


The individuals in the campaign all have very different hair. How did you approach the hairstyling?
Yeah, they all had their own thing going on. I was really pleased with the casting and stoked to see so many different heads of hair! I think it’s important to work with what you’ve got in front of you and not to fight with the hair too much, so I let it do its thing and then go from there.

The shoot went really smoothly, I guess the challenging part was executing so many technical looks, one after another, for 3 days in a row. Finger waves, a clipper fade, marcel waves, a flattop cut, a super slick pony, faux snoop braids and then a full head of extensions. You have to be fully focused on hair and nothing else.


Hair Mark Francome Painter Instagram Website clm-agency.com Shiori Takahashi Website shioritakahashi.com
Make-up Daniel Sallstrom Website clm-agency.com Athena Paginton Website athenapaginton.tumblr.com
Photography AJ Numan Website ajnuman.com
Styling Magdalena Bryk Website magdabryk.com
Models Richie ShazamOlivia, Tex Santos-Shaw, Mouna Fadiga, Jazzelle, Jordan


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