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Cult Hair Izzy Reynolds
Cult Hair Izzy
"Murky, Cosmic, Miley Cyrus’s dad!"
Isabel Alsina-Reynolds, 21, Artist/Student
Cult Hair Izzy Reynolds

Name: Isabel Alsina-Reynolds Age: 21 Occupation: Artist/Student I would describe my hairstyle as: Murky, Cosmic, Miley Cyrus’s dad! What my hair means to me: Not much. It’s just hair! Shave it off! My hair style icon is: LOL! Troll dolls The style I’ve always wanted but never had: That punk haircut with all the top shaved apart from the fringe My favourite era for hair is: 80s party.

Cult Hair I Reynolds

Photography Panos Damaskinidis
Art Direction Emma de Clercq

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