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Founded by Birmingham in 2006 by hairdresser Aid Tams, Bad Apple Hair has since expanded to 4 salons and an Academy in Wolverhampton. They recently unveiled their latest collection PLAY, the second annual release of a 10 year long project called LIFE. On the inspirations behind this latest release, Tams explains “it represents ‘play mode’, children see nothing in its real form, everything is that little bit more animated and bonkers. PLAY is about abstract illustration. You get one chance to catch someone’s eye so these images stand out instantly”. We caught up with Tams to discuss his inspirations.


How did you get into hairdressing?
Mainstream education was never for me, I’ve always been hands on and creative. I was never too sure what I wanted to do when I left school, but I dare say that turning up for lessons would have helped! Being introduced to the underground scenes of Birmingham nightlife as a 90s kid opened my eyes to the world. The music, fashion and places I frequented were the breeding ground for a ‘life has no boundaries’ attitude; it had me hooked. Those years were pretty outrageous and most would call the life that I lived then bizarre, but at the time it felt normal. In terms of work, there was one guy and one job that sculpted me for the future. Lee Clift’s old school values had me going back to my job as an assistant in a small town salon every day. I loved it – the chats, the laughter, the lessons learned – I’ll never forget it.


What inspires you?
Fashion has always been a passion of mine – Jean Paul Gaultier, John Richmond and Raf Simons are a few of my favourites. Club culture and subcultures.. punks, tribes and cults. Most importantly, my daughter keeps me inspired daily, with her beautiful and vibrant young soul.

What is your favourite era for hair?
From the late 70s to the late 90s. I’m inspired by so many people and places across these years: Blitz Kids, Kirk Brandon, Club Kids in New York, Turnmills in London… the list is endless! During these decades, fashion and style really pushed boundaries.

“Bad Apple stands for everything I believe in, ’making bad, good’. I wanted to be ‘Bad Apple’, I wanted to create an environment where young people could have more: brilliant education, good pay, a fulfilling career, all set in inspiring salons.”
Aid Tams

Hair Aid Tams and the Bad Apple team Website badapplehair.com
Photography Alex Barron-Hough Website barronhough.com
Reworked by Nathan Dytor & Emma de Clercq @ INFRINGE
Styling Rhona Ezuma Website rhonaezuma.com
Make-up Lindsey Poole Website lindseypoolemakeup.com
Photography Assistant Panos Damaskinidis Website panos-d.com Liam Curtin Website liamjcurtin.com
Models Alex B, Angus, Billie Jean, Fifi, Leila @ Profile, Chloe Borges @ The Hive , Brynja @ Nevs
Casting Annette Russell @ So Dam Tuff

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