"From writing the play, I’m aware of how vast, nuanced, beautiful and delicate barbershops can be. Also, how ridiculously funny, over the top, exaggerated and naturally theatrical those spaces are." - Inua Ellams
Art & Culture Published on 24/05/2017
The French hairdresser merges fashion and hair with his handcrafted pieces, which push the limits of hair artistry
Art & Culture Published on 21/03/2017
The exhibition is part of London’s first ever CUT Festival, a 10-day event exploring the art of barbering through talks, exhibitions and performances
Art & Culture Published on 24/02/2017
Much has been said about the transformative power of hair, an idea truly embodied by the anarchic creations of Charlie Le Mindu
Art & Culture Published on 31/01/2017
Photographer Juliana Kasumu reflects on her British-Nigerian identity, femininity and the less spoken narratives of West African heritage
Art & Culture Published on 22/12/2016
“I’d discovered the possibility of bringing hair to life, this material which I had instinctively been working with for years” - Christophe Martinez
Art & Culture Published on 01/12/2016
“When you possess a different, therefore rare trait, this feature makes you more beautiful and special, never less.”
Art & Culture Published on 08/11/2016
INFRINGE documents the hairiest looks on show at the British Beard and Moustache Championships
Art & Culture Published on 21/10/2016
INFRINGE captures hair-raising styles at Blackpool’s most iconic punk gathering
Art & Culture Published on 04/10/2016
Hick Duarte’s series Chavosos captures barbershop culture on the fringes of São Paulo
Art & Culture Published on 17/05/2017
How Western ideals of beauty and femininity have manifested themselves in African-American hair culture
Art & Culture Published on 17/01/2017
Developed by THEUNSEEN in collaboration with hairstylist Kieran Tudor, the responsive new dye changes colour depending on temperature
Art & Culture Published on 17/02/2017
The British artist lists the paranormal, horror films and science fiction among his inspirations
Art & Culture Published on 11/01/2017
Thousands of Japanese comic fans get into character at Tokyo’s cosplay convention
Art & Culture Published on 20/12/2016
Reflective, intimate and celebratory, this film creates a nuanced portrait of black women through the connecting thread of hair
Art & Culture Published on 22/11/2016
Magic, myth and mortality convene in this contemporary artist’s work
Art & Culture Published on 03/11/2016
“Hair is a remnant of the wildness that we possess” - Shoplifter
Art & Culture Published on 20/10/2016
INFRINGE heads down to London's Alexandra Palace to shoot the head-turning hairstyles at AFROPUNK
Art & Culture Published on 03/10/2016
Her audacious portrait series of oddball characters explores ideas of reality, artifice and how we present ourselves to the world
Art & Culture Published on 27/03/2017
These hairy images toe the line between the beautiful and the grotesque
Art & Culture Published on 07/03/2017
The acrylic paintings feature only the crowns of heads, and the intricate winding cornrow patterns across each one
Art & Culture Published on 16/02/2017
Photographer Roneil Chavez transforms strokes of neon dye on hair into a series of bold, abstract images
Art & Culture Published on 05/01/2017
Parisian artist Alexandre Bellenger uses collage and drawing to create a series of rough-and-ready DIY portraits
Art & Culture Published on 08/12/2016
Josh Coombes is the founder of the movement #DoSomethingForNothing which encourages people to reach out to a person in need through simple acts of kindness
Art & Culture Published on 10/11/2016
INFRINGE goes backstage at the Royal Albert Hall to capture this year’s most innovative creations
Art & Culture Published on 28/10/2016
The exhibition includes 800 feet of braided hair, created by hairstylist Adriana Papaleo
Art & Culture Published on 12/10/2016
The Nigerian photographer creates a nuanced portrait of barbering in West African countries
Art & Culture Published on 01/09/2016
Juliana Kasumu: Hair Statements

Juliana Kasumu: Hair Statements

Photographer Juliana Kasumu reflects on her British-Nigerian identity, femininity and the less spoken narratives of West African heritage


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